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After the weekend of listening and reading about the shooting and the gun dialog of what people in the media and online are saying about these tragedies, I have a lot to say too. Another really important subject is that it is time to take a close look at Mental illness.

I am thinking people with Mental illnesses need to be looked at by American society as not a thing that should be a family only problem but a society problem. Especially when the end results are spilling into our society in a violent way. Why is mental medical care so hard to get with insurances? We as a family had been in counseling about my fathers death for a couple month but then had to stop because the co-pays were outrageous. That is wrong if you ask me. If it was only family counseling I cannot imagine what it is for those who suffer with severe problems.

When my sister had to take her son into a neurologist for his Autism the insurance company denied coverage. They said Autism is a mental illness and shouldn't be looked at by neurology. I was shocked. She was sent by her Doctor. One strong reason for her to move out of this messed up health care system we have here in America.

A friend of ours had to take her child to a neurologist for what her doctors thought was a brain disorder about her muscles in her feet. Then after meeting with the Specialist and tests were done, she was denied coverage and has a huge bill to pay when the findings of all the testings came out negative. This was for which her doctor had sent her to have done in the first place to rule out the possibility. TERRIBLE!