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Something had gone through when he says this

Something had gone through when he says this , Some people lost to know Remembrance香港牛栏奶粉2013召回事件 . ----- Inscription   Autumn leaf yellowing rolled in a leisurely attitude into my vision, but sad astonishment dangling contingent . The heart of the sea was calm that day the wind sent Grottoes gently point without appearing like a circle of ripples anxious real slow waves go . " Cool autumn wind send Grottoes , heart of the sea waves rippling ." Inadvertently broke into my mind saying , " Ye 's departure is the pursuit of the wind or the tree does not retain ?   We grew up in joy at weeping in this somewhat annoyed at yet very real twist is the world that we change the world or the world affect us ? Perhaps this question , the answer is always just a deep sigh now ! Millennium The only question , I asked a sigh !   When we pose in a dazed door opened to life with a cry our arrival , we had to face a more dazed attitude this world . What is before us ? Later what have ? What are we ? What will be ? What do we want ? What is what ? I think these little to do with what even the Almighty God can only tell us that a "I'M SORRY" , because this is not just a question out of a simple question but a deep and has unlimited potential heart ah ! Unpredictable and complex people , encountering this complex and unpredictable world ! Oh how terrible a paradox ah ! Sometimes in the long starlight in the faint moonlight wearing dressed occasion free sky sky swing thoughts , not their own in a visual look at their original ourselves gradually losing their ........   Lost to then become a journey of an aria , such as ink -like will live dyed light blue color. Vacantly misty face before losing gradually Ming Wu of the " Remembrance into ," the lonely. Way back " People look for him thousands of Baidu " But how she had not been able to find a place in the dim light , maybe she had ever hosted , like a blossoming smile blossoming , blossoms fade and fly all over the sky 香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件召回! But eventually she went out the lights on the floor disappear like smoke like a nightmare ! Every thought and remembered that far Xinrudaojiao said to her " unforgettable " moment , Ming , who must knife , in the heart of the bone at the left a deep imprint on the Tears of Blood at the same time also can not forget ! Snow cycle, spend months alternating moments such as water, Qin Ying world. People say that time is the world's best healing medicine to forget the past, but often times is more like a knife in the unforgettable traces there added new content to miss the time precipitation dotted heart also with her ​​thoughts over time with increasingly thick . In fact, many times where I would like to change to heavy but thick fingers typing on the keyboard , but how is between the H and C free is because the bottom of my heart for her feelings of not also silently or her mind is not Jiaochen shadows Allow ? This may be my one forever human mystery香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件-召回速度惊人