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My brain is processing at a thousand miles per second today, but I have lessons early tomorrow and I need to get to sleep if at all possible.  Here is quick look over my shoulder at some upcoming posts.


Paleo-diet - I've been doing a lot of research and hard thinking about my diet and "lifestyle," and I've concluded that the case for paleo is unpersuasive.  I am going to put together an essay explaining why (hoping to be contradicted by others who have thought long and hard about it and committed to it and feel fabulous), and listing a handful of rule-of-thumb food rules I am adoptingfurniture storage.

How Jesus Confronts the World - an examination of Jesus' political stance: yes, a particular stance Jesus took toward the political realities of his own day, and what I think it means for Christians today company registration Hong Kong.

And here's a freebie:

I teach English to foreigners, but I don't believe English should be made the official language of the U.S.  Let the free market decide what languages work best; languages and cultures ought to be fluid 亞洲知識管理學院

So.  Any suggestions or protests?