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Its pretty long

I did get the skirt finished tonight...or "finished" I should say.  The 3 pieces are sewn together, but nothing is hemmed because I won't do that until the very end.  Its pretty long, so I'll have to hem it a good deal, and its big in the waist, but I imagine that will just give me a more ample gathering.  
Now I couldn't decide what to do with the tulle that will be sticking out of the bottom until just now.  Originally I was going to make an entire skirt out of it, but the lady who was cutting fabric at Joanne's talking me out of that (it didn't take a lot of persuading, really).  Then I was going to sew it in between the skirt and lining..but I think that will make it very stiff looking.  
What I'm ACTUALLY going to do is sew the skirt and the lining separately, then attach the tulle to the lining, so when I move the tulle and the skirt move independently..which is what I'm looking for.