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It's my turn to be brave

It has already been established that roller derby is one of the favourite parts of my life. But I will admit every single bout day I have encountered I have found myself thinking, "WHY THE HELL DO I DO THIS!?!"
It's par for the course for me to be honest. I welcome every bout with open arms but a hell of a lot of doubt.

The days and weeks leading up to this bout were stressful. They were filled with work insanity and derby drama. So I was in a really weird headspace wondering where I not only fit with my team but within the entire league itself. I think I was experiencing a MAJOR case of burn out not just from derby but from life.

My hometeam's name is Valkyries Wrath. We have a nordic theme. Needless to say the derby widows for our team want shirts that say either "I felt the Wrath" or "I'd ride that Valkryie" boys. Most of my team is made up for girls who have played with our all star team. Though there was chatter within the league that suggested that our team would never be a strategic team. But you know what? Who cares. We get out there and skate and when it comes to roller derby sometimes even the best laid plan is pointless because you never know what's going to happen until you hit the track. And when that happens a lot of brilliant strategy goes to hell.

Keep in mind roller derby is one of the ONLY sports where you are playing offensively and defensively all at the same time.