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I know, my last blog entries all were positiv and while reading one could see how happy I am but today it is not that way. I am feeling worn out!

I see my dream receding into the distance right now. The one and only goal I have been dreaming about years is now too far away for reaching. It is just frustrating me right now. I only work for school, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I just can get the grade point average I need to have for applying at my university of my dreams. Even if I still have two years, I feel like needing it right now for showing others that IT IS my dream and for showing myself that I CAN do it!

With my math test which was not that good like I had expected, the noisy class, the exam in physics on thursday and my horrible headaches I am about to cry bitterly.

I will do it - I wanna do it. There is not any other dream and goal that big like the one of applying at my college of my dreams. I am just not sure how I can survive when I am having headaches every single day as an result of my class which is ALWAYS loud, even during exams and tests!!!

I am going to stop writing for now, need to find a way to manage all this.