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e and she are a pair of lovers

He and she are a pair of lovers .
Once, he was wounded and paralyzed in the implementation of the flood task.
Since then, she waited at his side, never left him.

In order to care of him , he was in the hospital for 10 years , she never slept sleep on a wooden bench sits on over 10 years all night, sleepy and fell on the bed to sleep for a while, broke most people did not go to bed a long break records .

Every day she watches the same time as his body turned 12 , 4 times full-body massage , for two sheets. Bedridden for 10 years , he has never suffered a little pressure ulcers, hit a miracle medical history.深圳网络借贷平台

When I pass on this story , the first reaction of many people is: this story is true?
I said , this is true, the man is a native of Shandong naval fighter , a man named Liu , a girl, a woman is the hometown of Liu , named Li Aiwen .

Once they are convinced of the authenticity of the story , and the second reaction is: this touching story though , but called love?
This is not called love , what is it ? I asked. 深圳借贷平台

They say , they love together, they should enjoy the pleasures of love and romance , rather than endure endless suffering.

I said , the meaning of love , not just the joy and romance , as well as the obligations and responsibilities , and modern , tend to value the first half , ignoring the latter part , leaving incomplete love , can not stand the bump of life, a sign of trouble , the flower of love quickly decay and die.
From this love story, should not we be a little love to absorb calcium it? Let our love grow up healthy .