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DADT and the New New Normal

Sometimes I think we forget that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was a policy crafted by a Democratic President (Clinton) under a Democrat-controlled congress, in order to extend homosexuals the right to serve in the military. It achieved this through a compromise: you can serve in the armed forces and nobody is allowed to ask your sexual orientation, on the basis that you preserve the order of the military by not revealing your sexual orientation <a xhref="" style="color:#373737; text-decoration:none; ">Bookcases</a>.

Compromise is the basis of democracy. And this was clearly an effective compromise, as now, ten years later, Republicans are fighting not to go back to the system of twenty years ago, but to go back to the compromise. The compromise is the new normal. A Republican would be much more consistent, in my view, to demand that homosexuals be actively barred from military service, but America has changed, and they cannot run with that idea. Instead, they are arguing that DADT should be reinstated <a xhref="" style="color:#373737; text-decoration:none; ">lg cell phone covers</a>.

For my own part, I can only echo Stanley Hauerwas' lament that at least homosexuals, as a group, can manage to get themselves banned from military service, and wouldn't it be great if Christians, as a group, were considered so strange and subversive to society that someone would question whether Christians (who, after all, preach about the need to love their enemies) are fit for military service.

What are your thoughts on DADT, and the new new normal <a xhref="" style="color:#373737; text-decoration:none; ">company incorporation offshore</a>?