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beautiful home

While my family was here we took every opportunity to show them our favorite places.  We explored beautiful sights, acting as tour guides along the way.  Seeing our home through fresh eyes reminded me again of the wondrous grace with which God showers us.  He brought us here, to this beautiful place, allowing us to live here while we do His workpaint brushes.

There are so many places we've come to love that there was just not enough time in the week to get everywhere we wanted.  There are restaurants I wanted to share.  There are day trips I wanted to take.  Beaches and hikes left unseen.  Everyone left with an open invitation to return to see the rest.


Here are a few of the places we visitedhk Google seo:


Standing on West Beach, facing into an oncoming rain.  The wind is chilly and biting.  The birds never seem to mind as they dive into the water, fishing.  This beach is the best place to come to watch a storm roll in, the waves get really boisterousstacking cubes