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a poofy tummy

It was immediately obvious to me that not only was I a woman, I was just the kind of woman for which I would have gone crazy in my old body. Wavy, platinum blonde hair gently cascaded down my shoulders. I had beautiful green eyes and perfectly shaped little nose.

I longed to see more of my new body, so with great trepidation, I removed my pink nighty. I didn’t know how to remove it per se, but instinctually my delicate fingers reached in back and started undoing a knotted tassel. The act of lifting up my arms raised my breasts slightly, which I could already tell were very large. I casually tossed the nighty behind me and turned back to stare at my new body.

My breasts were indeed very large - and suspended in front of me. From their disproportionately large size and their complete lack of sagging, I could tell that they must be fake boobs. I squeezed the lower part of my breast cautiously, and it felt a little firm, confirming my suspicion. Moving up the breast, I found the natural tissue, which was more soft and giving. When my finger nearly brushed my coral pink nipples, I felt a little tingle. When I deliberately played with it, rolling it between my fingers, I could feel it much stronger, and I could feel the little nub becoming firmer.

My body was just my type. I had always liked big breasts, and these were stunningly, eye catchingly large. I’d always preferred thin women with just a little bit of softness to them, and this body was very lithe, with a little bit of roundness around the middle, just a hint of a poofy tummy.

There was an artificial tan on my skin - that much was obvious from the tan lines around my breasts and my underwear. The natural shade was very pale, and stood out in stark contrast to rich, dark tan everywhere else.

I looked down, past my toned golden thighs and delicate ankles to my feet, which also had pink painted nails. The toes were very small, looking a tad odd as I deliberately wiggled them about. My old feet were large and contained a few errant hairs, but these feet were so small and frail looking I could imagine that children’s shoes might still fit.